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SmartBoard Tutorials

Smart Board Interactive Touch Panel tutorials (Log into your RFK Gmail account to view)

Focusing Attention using SMART ink
This video will show using SMART ink tools to focus student attention on the SMRT 6000 series IFP.

The SMART Board 6000 series interactive displays is considered a new era of classroom collaboration. This product gives teachers and students a premium touch experience, superior collaborative features, and 4K Ultra HD resolution. Come join is to learn how the 6000 series provides reliability, simplicity, and intuition to help you teach, collaborate and share.

SMART iq Module
The SMART kapp iQ is an add on module to the SMART IFP 6000 series. This add on will free the teacher's computer from the SMART IFP and allows student to interact with a variety of apps built right into the 6000 series SMART Interactive Flat Panel. These applications include collaboration tools, access to SMART lab activites, Chrome, Screensharing and more. Join us to see the newest product on the SMART family of interactive technology.  

Whats new in Notebook 16 ‎[HD, 720p]‎.mp4

Smart Notebook 16 ‎[HD, 720p]‎.mp4

Introduction to SB 6065i interactive Flat Panels

Smartboard 6065 Intro

Additional details on SB 6065i board and Smart Notebook 16

Introducing the SMART Board 6065 interactive flat panel

TeacherTube Smartboard tutorials (Older Smartboards)