Cellphone Policy

Cellphone Policy

Dear Parents,

In an effort to continue to ensure student safety at RFK and further align our school policy on electronic devices with NY State and NYC regulations, we will continue to implement the procedure of students turning in their electronics upon arrival into the school building. As was done in June during State Regents Exams, students will surrender all electronics (i.e., cell phones, I-pods, ear buds, headphones, MP3 players and any other communications devices) when they enter each morning through the cafeteria. At the conclusion of their programmed day students can return to the cafeteria to check-out their electronic devices as they exit the building. Any student found in possession of a cell phone or other electronic device during the school day will, in accordance with Chancellor's Regulation A-412, have it confiscated by administration, and be returned to the parent at the student's suspension conference.

All students have no been issued an RFK electronic devices card with their picture on it. Upon entering the building the devices must be turned off and placed in the provided zip-lock bag along with the new electronic device card. Students can show their regular school ID to the staff member when picking up their devices.

Our goal is for all students to be actively engaged in their education during school hours. Distractions and incidents caused by electronic devices takes away from that purpose. With everyone's cooperation we can help ensure that RFK remains a safe learning environment.

Thank you in advance for your support of this vital initiative.