RFKCHS Visual Arts/Technology & Music Department provides students with a rich array of opportunities to develop their artistic skills in the arts/technology and understand how art/music/tech not only relates to them personally but to the world around them as well. Our talented VA/Music/Tech teachers are dedicated to inspiring every student to create a meaningful and memorable artistic life at RFK. We offer the following courses: Studio Art, Drawing, Advanced Painting & Drawing, Advanced Placement Art 2D, Digital Photography (Farmingdale SUNY Course), Computer Applications, Computational Media, Music Appreciation.  Our Visual Arts/Technology & Music Program is aligned to the New York State Standards:


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*For six years in a row, we were awarded The Arts for ELLs and SWDs Grant. We’ve partnered with Arts Horizons (a non-profit organization) to expand our music/percussion and Jewelry Making Program. See pics:


Students of Baba Larry

Percussion Performance: RFK teachers & students & Baba Larry (Arts Horizons Resident-Artist) 2023 

Jewelry Making

Jewelry made by students on display

Ken Fury (Art Horizons)

RFK Student and Ken Fury (Arts Horizons Resident-Artist) 2023

Mrs.Tolson's art class

Sugar Skulls art project

Mrs. Stacy Heller Budnick's visual arts class

The Queens Borough Arts Festival is a year-end event taking place at the Queens Art Museum each spring to celebrate the talents and creativity of students and their teachers through arts exhibitions and public performances. Borough Arts Directors and support staff collaborate with community superintendents and the Field Support Centers to highlight the local excellence and student achievement in the arts. These festivals engage thousands of student artists, their families and friends and members of the school community. RFKCHS had 2 winners for 2023:  Emily Wang, 9th grade, and Gabriel Burmedez, 12th grade.

No. 2 Yellow Pencil

Students paid tribute to the everyday, mundane No. 2 Yellow Pencil

artwork for rfkhs mural

  Mural from student artwork

Nallely's with Mr.Barbetta
Nallely's with her art teacher Mrs.Budnick
Nallely's portrait of RFK

Portrait of Robert F. Kennedy, Nalley Ventura