RFK Athletics

Jason Grossman, Athletic Director                        

Fall Sports (Aug-Oct)

Bowling (co-ed) - Mr. Kim

Cross Country (co-ed) - Ms. Abrams & Ms. C. Reglas

Fencing (co-ed) - Mr. Lopez

Soccer (girls) - Mr. Tyler

Soccer (boys) - Mr. Wierzbicki

Tennis (girls) - Ms. Reglas

Volleyball (girls) - Ms. Plaia

Winter Sports (Oct-Mar)

Basketball (boys) - Mr. Wierzbicki 

Basketball (girls) - Mr. Woodhouse

Co-Ed Wrestling - Mr. Weeks

Spring Sports (Mar-May)

Baseball (boys) - Mr. Mulstay & Mr. Wierzbicki

Softball (girls) - Ms. Goldman

Golf (co-ed) - Mr. Mora (bmora@schools.nyc.gov)


Required Prior to Participation:

Please direct any general questions to 

Mr. Grossman