The RFK English as a New Language (ENL) Program is a state mandated program that is offered to all students, grades 9-12. Upon registering at RFKHS, parents will fill out a Home Language Identification Survey which will be reviewed by our ENL staff.  If necessary, students will then be interviewed and/or screened with the NYSITELL to see if they qualify for ENL state-mandated services.
Our ENL program is designed to support all of our English Language Learners/Multilingual Learners (ELLs/MLLs)) at every stage of language acquisition.  The ENL program is delivered through Stand-Alone and/or an integrated ENL/ELA course. In Stand-Alone ENL, students that are in the beginning stages of acquiring the English language, work in small groups with an ENL teacher, to build their basic proficiency skills. In the integrated ENL/ELA course, ENL teachers co-teach with ELA/SWD classroom teachers to ensure student access to the curriculum. Teachers work collaboratively, to ensure that ELLs are receiving meaningful instruction that allows them to meet English language objectives and content objectives. Visit for more information: https://www.nysed.gov/sites/default/files/nys-blueprint-for-ell-success.pdf