Senior Portraits Letter 2020-2021

Senior Portraits

We hope you all schedule your senior portrait session soon!

If there are a few students that do not want to come for their graduation photo session, here is a quick and simple guide for supplying their own photo:

1) The portrait should be taken from about the waist up or lower, with plenty of headroom. That should give us enough room to crop them so the size of the students' heads are at least similar to the pro portraits that will be taken.

2) Make sure that the lighting is even throughout the photo so there are no "hot spots" that can ruin it.

3) They should wear as close as possible to the yearbook attire so as not to stand out too much. Traditionally, under normal circumstances, girls wear the black drape and boys wear a tuxedo (that we provide). The easiest suggestion, we believe, is to ask the students to wear a black top. This should stand out less in the senior section of the yearbook.

*Taking and emailing a photo is possible, but it's not recommended. Different photo equipment, especially lighting, will most probably yield a less desired result and may stick out in the yearbook.

Cap & Gown Orders

Happy to announce that you can now order your Cap and Gowns.

The link to order is

Please order them as soon as possible, the deadline is April 12th, 2021.


Under Construction

The yearbook club has begun working on the yearbook. Stay tuned for updates and Superlatives!